U Account is the revolutionary new personal digital account that gives users the facility to automate their personal financing. Through the U Account transactions take less time with a contactless Mastercard pre-paid debit card, and it’s possible to set up direct debits and standing orders, as well as Extra Accounts that will take care of budgeting with little effort. The last point is key. Rather than being unprepared for eventualities such as an energy price change, by creating an Extra Account dedicated to bills, money will already have been set aside.
U Account

For Programme Managers looking to offer Agency Banking services such as Faster Payments In and Out, BACS and Direct Debits, with simplified compliance for an ever changing regulatory environment, the GPS Agency Banking solution provides a highly sophisticated and configurable set of modules. Learn more about the technology behind Agency Banking

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  • The PayFEX prepaid Mastercard programme launched by AFEX delivers a full end-to-end payment programme for corporates.